Check out this sneak peek of Jessie’s new music video for the single Feeling Free. The video was created in collaboration with Two Story Productions. 

Take Me Outside – Teaser from Two Story Productions Inc. on Vimeo.


Jessie Farrell is a Juno Award winner and multiple CCMA winner including the 2008 Female Artist of the Year and Top New Female Talent. Jessie is equally comfortable and engaging when playing a Stadium as she is an intimate acoustic performance. 

Inspired by her adventures with her three-year-old daughter, Bunny, Jessie has written an album of kid-friendly and parent loving songs about the joy and wonder of connecting with nature. The songs are kid tested, with catchy melodies and simple, sing-along lyrics.

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Here are the lyrics to Take Me Outside’s first single, Feeling Free. Stay tuned for more! 

written by: J.Farrell / T. Hungerford / E.Hogan

Oh Mama,
Oh Dada,
You’ve been working hard all day

Oh Mama,
Oh Dada,
Let’s go outside and play

We don’t need any money
To have fun, cause fun is free

All I want is to be with you
and you to be with me

No plans, no rush, nothing crazy, no fuss,
Just feeling free
Hangin’ with my family

Oh oh Mama,
Oh oh Dada,
There’s always lists of things to do

But oh oh Mama,
Oh oh Dada,
I wanna play outside with you

We don’t need to complicate things
To have fun because fun is easy
All I want is to be with you
And you love to be with me

With no plans, no stuff, nothing crazy, blah blah, no rush
Just felling free hangin’ with my family

Let’s walk together, hand in hand
Together let’s turn over a new leaf

It’s the best day I could ever have
You’re the best mom your the best dad

So, oh Mama,
Oh Dada,
I’m going to have to count to three

Oh Mama,
Oh Dada,
Come on lets go and climb a tree


Just feeling free hangin’ with my, just feeling free hangin’ with my, just feeling free hangin’ with my family