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‘Take Me Outside’ is ready!

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Dear Friends and Family,

I’m so happy to say that Take Me Outside is fully produced and ready for you!

The team at Two Story Productions and I were listening to the final mixes of the new album until 2am when we signed off on it and uploaded the masters. In other words, you will be receiving your music soon!! 

We are all so happy with how it sounds. WOW, what a journey! 

A lot of love and care went into this album. Our intention was to create something soulful, authentic and really fun.

I’m so happy we took the leap of faith and I sang these songs live off the floor. No tuning, no click track, just me singing my little heart out live.  

I’m proud of all the musicians who played on this album. All of these talented artists brought their passionate spirits to the recording studio, and it shows.

I’m so grateful to have worked with such talented musicians on this project, including Allan Rodger and one of my musical idols, Ben Mink who plays fiddle and mandolin on the album. He played on Feist‘s breakout album and has produced many of KD Lang‘s albums through the years. 

As I sit here drinking lavender earl grey tea, I’m reflecting on how grateful I am that all of you were involved from the beginning. You believed in me and supported the project by pre-ordering an album you hadn’t even heard yet. No major label attached, just you guys (the fans!) and a small, dedicated and passionate team behind me.

I was so honoured when CMT (Country Music Television) asked me to come out to Toronto to pre-tape a segment on the album. Wow! Talk about feeling the love.

So, I hopped on the plane, 8 months pregnant and travelled to Toronto. I had so much fun talking with Paul Maguire about the album.  They will air my segment  on  “The ChevyCountdown” on February 14th. Oh, and if you didn’t know, yes, it’s true, I’m pregnant with my second baby. (heart) 

I’ve got lots more to say and lots more to update you on. My main goal with the team is to ship those albums out to you all. Expect your packages soon. I’ll keep you posted with more updates, photos and news along the way. 

Lots of love to you all. Stay close and stay tuned. We will be taking you along this adventure with us and sharing news about the album and upcoming live shows. 


» Jessie Farrell outside kids album » ‘Take Me Outside’ is ready!

February 14, 2015

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